Car Name: Escort Rally

Car First Produced: 1998 – Present (Original)
2017 – Present (Retool)

Designed By: Phil Riehlman

Car Number: 18143

Escort Rally description, The Escort Rally is the second iteration of the Ford Escort Hot Wheels has replicated as a casting. Fitted with rally-style front lights and a top lip wing on the rear, this particular version of the Escort is the European-market exclusive ‘RS Cosworth’ version of the Escort from 1993-1996, ‘RS’ standing for ‘Rally Sport’ and Cosworth referring to the racing engine firm in England Supplying the engine for this model, a 2.0 Cosworth YBT. From the factory, the engine produced 227 brake Horsepower, but can be tuned to 1000 horsepower. There was also a Cosworth version of the Ford Sierra. The RS Cosworth was often nicknamed ‘Cossie’ By fans and one Notable owner being BBC Top Gear Presenter Jeremy Clarkson, whom described the car “The Ultimate Hot Hatchback” in an episode of his series, Clarkson’s Car Years in 2000 from the BBC.

Launch Series: 2017