Car Name: Lola GT70

Car First Produced: 1969

Designed By: Ira Gilford

Car Number: 6254

Lola GT70 description, The Hot Wheels version was called the ‘Lola GT70’ and first released in the 1969 ‘Gran Prix’ series. It was produced in a large variety of ‘Spectraflame’ colours as well as enamel ‘British Racing Green’, it also came with a sticker sheet with yellow stripes and a #10. The casting featured an opening rear hatch which revealed a detailed engine. The GT70 was manufactured in both the Hong Kong and USA facilities, with differences being HK cars had blue tinted glass and the USA cars had clear glass. The Lola GT70 has not been seen since.

Colors are listed in descending order based on rarity from common to rare.

Launch Series: